Muslim Baby Names, Baby Names For Muslim Girls and Boys


Sunday, 15 July 2012

Top 10 Muslim names for boy and girl's

Girls' names
  1. Maya (“a princess”) 
  2. Laila/Layla (an Arabic literary character) 
  3. Aaliyah (“highly exalted”) 
  4. Aisha/Ayesha (“prosperous”; wife of Prophet Mohammed) 
  5. Iman (“faith”) 
  6. Zahra (“radiant”) 
  7. Alesha (“protected by God”) 
  8. Ariana (“vivacious”) 
  9. Maryam/Mariam (mother of Prophet Isa [Jesus], the Biblical Mary) 
  10. Yasmin (the flower jasmine) 
Boys' names
  1. Mohammed (all spellings) (“one who is praiseworthy”; a Prophet) 
  2. Omar (“one who has a long life”) 
  3. Ali (“sublime”; cousin and son-in-law of the Prophet Mohammad) 
  4. Hamza (“lion”; the Prophet Mohammed’s uncle) 
  5. Ibrahim (“kind father”; a Prophet) 
  6. Isaiah (“God will help”; a Prophet) 
  7. Abdullah (“servant of Allah”) 
  8. Ayaan (“Allah gifted”) 
  9. Youssef (“to increase in power and influence”) 
  10. Ahmad (“more commendable”)